Altenew’s Academy’s Beautiful Details Class

July 8 2019

I am continuing my journey taking Altenew classes. The Beautiful detail class was taught by Marika Rahtu. I first started with a stamp from my wallpaper flower art set. I stamped on vellum with versa mark ink and used clear embossing power. Then I reached for my pencils. I made a small sampling of what each pencil could do.

I got so involved in the drawing, I did not take any photos until I completed the image. I felt it was a bit darker than I wanted. I went ahead any way and made a finished card. In the end, the image was not as bad as I thought.

Here is the close up of the image!

I decided to give it one more try! I wanted to get the Image a bit lighter. I felt I would like it better and it would be a bit more delicate. I headed over to the local art store about hour away and purchased three of the markers Marika used. W1,W3 and W5. It is fun combining Copic markers with pencils. I liked the end result.

For me this was a challenging class! I tried lots of options for the vases.

None of the above images were what I wanted.

I decided to stamp light and pencil in the details. I took my ruler and made diagonal lines to represent wall paper and a horizonal line for vase to sit on. I wanted to make the whole image to look like it had been hand drawn. What’s cool using a stamped image is that it helps keep proportion in check. Below is the close up look of my card.

I used my eraser and lightened the horizonal lines. I also added a little bit of white pencil on the vase edges.

I have learned so much from taking these classes from Altenew Academy. I hope you enjoyed my cards. Below I will add products I used. Till next time happy Stamping!

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  1. I am so glad you pushed yourself and tried to work on it again! Even though I liked your first card but I LOVE the second card with a simple layout. The work you have done on the second card stands out more because of the clean lines. Vellum is always hard to work with but your commitment to this course shows that you will not back down easily 🙂 Good for you!
    Thank you for entering your beautiful creations to the AECP assignment gallery. Very well done, I am very proud of you!


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