For The Guys

April 17 2019

Fun Boy Birthday card

The for the Guys class at Altenew Academy was really good! All six lessons has good ideas and I feel I learned a lot. The above card is bringing to life an old stamp in my collection by combining it with the new one. I added my existing bear stamp with the new tree stamp from the Tapes and Trees creativity Kit. I also used my Altenew water colors. I am in love with the pigment in this set.

,In the above card I just Kept it simple and Love the black stipes. I used the Altenew snapshot stamp set. I think this card would be great to give to my brothers.

I love the red in this Card It would be great for my nephew. I used the Altenew Snapshot stamp set and the Altenew celebrations 6 X6 pack. Hop on over to Altenew academy and check out the this fun class. Until next time Happy Stamping!


  1. I really like the last two cards! I think you have more of a CAS style and it really suits you.
    Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in the AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!


  2. Awesome work and effort! Sometimes we want to achieve the rustic watercolor look. Take your first card as an example, it appears to be just slightly messy. The strokes in your water-coloring have to “make sense”. Somehow the brown stands out a lot. If you can lighten up some of your strokes in brown, it may make a difference? This is just my own small observation. Hope this is helpful! I am so glad that you enter your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Awesome details!


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