Easy Ink Blending Techniques

April 10.2019

I really enjoyed this class from Altenew Academy. The blending is a lot of fun! I found I got the best results with water color paper. I’m going to continue practicing. In the blue images above I used two ink colors form Altenew mini cubes and then I sprayed water on them. I want to use them for a water scene later. In the top card I used some old inks I had laying around. The beautiful stamped image is the Hennah Elements stamp set from Altenew. I absolutely love this card! I really like the bohemian feel to this Stamp set. I have a feeling the Hennah Elements will get used a lot. Till next happy stamping!

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  1. Perfectly blended background!! Just a suggestion, I think the card didnt need a belly band, you could have used a stamped sentiment lable/die cut on one corner and turned it into a classy CAS card.
    I am so glad that you entered your beautiful work in the AECP assignment Gallery. Thank you for sharing your creative process! Fabulous job!


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