Masking Unleashed-Altenew Academy

June 20,2019

I just finished Altenew’s Academy’s Masking Unleashed class, taught by Svitlana Shayevich. All six classes had lots of good ideas. I decided to share a idea I had using a photo magnet, I had here at the house. I have box of at least 20 let over from a project from my daughters dance days.

On this card I’m using Altenew’s beautiful day stamp. To begin with I stamped out multiple images using my Misti stamp tool .

I fussy cut out the images and spread rubber cement on the back. I am going to use these as masks for my project. It’s important to do this first so they have time to dry. I want the masks to stick just temporally!

The above photo shows a mask on the card stock with the second image stamped.

All the images have been stamped. You can see my practice card on the left. I needed to move the flowers over a bit to the left so the circle would fit on the card,

I began coloring using my Altenew water coloring 36 pan set. I decided to paint two cards at once incase I needed both for my card.

Here is the painting a little further along. I added a light blue wash to complete the painting.

I used a circle die to cut it out the space for the magnet. Now it was time to assemble the card and put the magnet together. I made the greeting using a stamp from the beautiful day stamp set.

Here is the finished card!

I added black card stock to the inside.

Here is what the magnet looks like off the card.

Now you can see the back view.

I love the idea of having a magnet to place on the refrigerator.

Since I was able to complete the card with just one painted panel. I went ahead and finished the second card.

This completed my last lesson for the level two classes. I really enjoy being able to do these at my own pace. Since I am self employed when I busy I took a break, if I had time I worked on the classes. I think the classes really helped with my creativity and card finishing, I am both excited and nervous to get my asignment for the final for this level. Check out my next blog to see the results. Thanks for having a in depth look at the process of making my cards. Till next time happy stamping!


  1. Super idea with the magnet! Acts as a card+gift! Well done with the masking too, Svitlana is a great teacher!
    Thank you for entering your beautiful work to the AECP assignment gallery. Keep it up.


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