Altenew Final Challenge Level 3

It have been on such a fun journey the last six months taking classes over at Altenew Academy. After all the work and planning the day to teach my workshop finally arrived. This is final challenge for Level 3 to become a Altenew Educator. I have enjoyed taking all the classes and doing the projects. I have learned so much and it”s a joy to share that knowledge! My favorite part is seeing how happy everyone gets when they make a cool card that even surprises themselves!

This blog is all about my class and my reflections.

Here is the challenge-

*Teach a two hour class in a class room setting.

*There must be 4-10 students in attendance at the workshop.

* Pre-workshop (via email): Share the planning and details of the workshop.

* During the workshop connect on google hangout with Altenew team members.

*Post -Workshop- make a blog post and emails with mentors. Make a report on projects and reflections on the class.

I set my date and started planning! I began inviting my friends and I realized that is was going to be a beginner work shop. I had only one friend that was attending that was a advanced card maker. I invited that friend to be my helper. She was so kind to offered her house and to make lunch for us after class. I am so thankful to my friends that took time off of work and time out of their busy schedules to attend my work shop. We all had a great time! The ladies were all rock stars, see below all the cool projects.

Below are the goals I set for myself-

*introduce card making to a group of beginners with no prior experience.

*Teach several techniques that include Altenew products.

*Have fun and enjoy my time teaching with the ladies. If I have fun and relax, they will too.

Performance Objectives

1.Teach layered stamping

2. Introduce die cutting

3.Teach coloring with Artist markers

4.Teach card assembly

5. Introduce watercolor markers

Then I set class objectives-

Class Objectives for participants

1. Learn about layered stamping and try it.

2. Learn about die cutting.

3. Hands on with Artist markers

4. Learn how to assemble a card.

5. Introduction to watercolor markers, and hands on.

6. Allow students to use creative freedom.

7. Relax and have fun. Enjoy learning a new skill,

I spent about 20 hours preparing for this class. I also did a pre class with my other and her friend since family was not included in the workshop. They were so sweet and helped me with my timing. I realized teaching a beginning class that I have to teach even what a die cutter is and how to glue.

I put all the card supplies in plastic bags and made each person a box of supplies they would need.

I made YouTube videos of two of the projects we did.

I arrived about a hour and a half early. I had already set up a few days before, I needed to bring a ladder to add to end of table for laptop. I also brought additional lights and my friend hung a flood light so we would have good lighting. My friend Lisa brought a speaker and a wireless microphone so I would be able to be heard and still have a voice after.

I think my biggest challenges were getting google hangout to connect. Also a challenge teaching beginners is not to give them to much information at once. Let them process what you are teaching.

Overall I felt the class went well. I got nice feed back from my friends. The cutest comment was (I would not of believed I made this card but I was sitting here). I also got a few texts say how much they enjoyed the class. One friend wrote that the two hours passed so quickly! and you made me feel as though I was accomplished in a creative area. I really appreciate it.

Thanks to Erum and Virginia for all the support and answering my questions and joining us for the workshop.

It’s time for me to close. Remember that a card is a gift from your hands. Till next time happy stamping!


  1. Teri, this is such a fun and informative class. We are so glad that you power through the courses and challenges in the last half year. This class really showcased your talent and personality! Despite the initial Google Hangout challenge, we were able to get a good view of your class and thoroughly enjoyed the laughter as well. You make the class easy, fun and relaxing. The class samples and participants’ cards are beautiful (especially that they are beginners!!). Thank you for your hard work and time. We are so proud of you in this endeavor. Way to go!


  2. What a fun workshop this was! You are a really fun teacher. t was really nice to see you in action and around the students. You are also a GOOD teacher, to teach people who have never stamped before or watercoloured before, to actually do it brilliantly was astounding to see. I am glad they appreciate it!
    I had fun in your workshop, thank you for having us!
    Thanks for everything! You rock!


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