Zentangle for Card Makers – Altenew

Sept 4, 2019

I am enjoying the variety of classes Altenew Academy offers. I love how the classes are self paced, so if you feel like you want to take more time and focus on learning that skill you have the ability to do so. I just finished with Zentangle for Card Makers Class. I started this class a few months ago, I made a few cards and set them aside, as they were not quite what I wanted them to be. I visited the zentangle website and noticed there as a certified Zentangle instructer that lives in my area so I reached out to her and took a basic lesson. A heart felt thanks to Vicki Norris for taking her time and answering my questions. The best part is now I have a new crafty friend. Vicky confirmed I was indeed on the right track! Its important not to compare your work with others just be your best. My favorite part is there are no mistakes in Zentangle. I have to admit its a little unnerving at first drawing with a pen. Both Amber and Vicky taught me to relax and remember its only paper.

The Zentangle for Card making Class is taught by Amber Davis. I think this is a great price value class! Each lesson has multiple videos and instructions. Amber also provides class handouts that can be printed out. She has really shared her passion and put her heart into these lessons. I feel like am learning a new language, so much information to take in. This was a class really worth taking my time. Sometimes when you don’t know where to begin, you just put a dot on your paper, who knew?

I like to get organized first and then I am good to go. I love how portable my Zentangle kit is. In my kit is a book of tangles I have been working on; lots of different pens, blank paper and a few predone card images. I’m good to go.

In the picture above, I am stamping out my image and using paper and liquid cement to mask.

Here is the before and completed image.

In Zentangle, it’s cool that the image looks good both ways. I like this card, but I would like to try another card and make the lines on the grid thinner .

This is card before shading.

Here is my completed card! I absolutely love it!

I could not resist playing. I have been wanting to try my rainbow face paint on a card. Wow look at that pop of color.

Here are the paints I used.

I think its super cool that no two zentangles are the same. I will definitely continue practing my tangles.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. Till next time, happy card making!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m happy to teach Zentangle any time I can. You are a great student, open-minded, but an idea of what you want! Can’t wait for more classes.


  2. You really did enjoy this class didnt you?! It shows!! You did a wonderful job! At some places the white and the black looks a bit messy, I can’t tell if it was intended or the ink was still wet. Nevertheless, the zentangling looks amazing on kraft. Especially with the pop of hot colours!
    Thank you for entering your gorgeous project to the AECP assignment gallery. Well done!


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